Platsens ljus  – Spaces of Light  illuminates the hospital entrance hall. From the ceiling 164 glass globes hang at different heights. Each lamp corresponds to one of the hospital’s employees, sharing the light of the place they come from. When the day dawns in Santiago de Chile, dusk falls in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden; one lamp starts shining, another falls dark. The lights in the lamps are in constant movement following the different cities placement in relation to the sun. With its warm, shimmering light, the work links people and places, from Malmö and across the globe. The dynamic aspect of the work, where the lamps change light depending on the time in different parts of the world, serves as a constant reminder of the global interconnection This not only provides a visual experience but also a temporal and geographical one, reinforcing the feeling that Malmö’s hospital is a place where the world converges.
Platsens Ljus – Spaces of Light
Spaces of light, 2024